Introducing SOS

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Circle Location SOS. Using the SOS feature you can alert your Circles Members when you’re feeling unsafe or need help.

You can access the SOS feature by tapping on the SOS button on the map screen. You can set a PIN for SOS you will use to cancel a SOS. When you access the SOS screen you will see a “Tap or Press and Hold” SOS button. You can press and hold this button when you feel unsafe, need help or enter a dangerous situation. When you release the button, a countdown of 10 seconds will start and an option to enter your pin will appear. If you don’t enter your PIN a SOS alert will be sent to all your Circles. When you enter a PIN after a SOS alert all Circles Member will receive a new alert saying you just cancel the SOS.

We hope you like the new SOS feature and stay tuned for more new features to be implemented.

Circle Location Development Team